HEEEEEY guys, so I’m not trying to like beg for money or anything, but I just wanna let you guys know why I really could use some form of income.

A while back I used to go to therapy, and it really really helped me feel better, but since our insurance changed, it now costs 60 dollars for a therapy session, where as before it used to cost us 35. So basically, my mom said ‘haha no’ and stopped taking me, which really upsets me and I feel like I’m going back to square one, when therapy was helping so so much.

ANYWAY, the idea is, I really need at least 60 a month so I can continue my therapy, maybe not as often but it’ll be something, you know? SOOOO I’m doing commissions!

TL;DR: I need at least 60 dollars a month for something important.

Sketch Commissions:


Pardon me as this is my only example

Prices: Range from $5 - $8 depending on the complexity of the character and how many characters there are

Flat Colours (or simple shading):




Prices: Range from $8 - $15, again, depending on the complexity of the character and how many characters there are

Fancy elaborate shiz (Aka full coloured):




Prices: Range from $15 - $30, once more, depending on the complexity of the the character and how many characters there are, as well as the complexity of the colouring style.



askzerotwo’s question style!


darkmatterreplies’ question style!

Prices: These will only be $7 - $10 depending on the things I’ve said above already.


  • Don’t rush me, nor stress me out, I will finish them eventually
  • I will only take paypal payments, sorry!
  • You have to pay first before I get started, but don’t worry, I promise I will not cheat you out of your money and I do give refunds
  • I may haggle a bit
  • ALSO, I have a little issue with my wrist and I have to wear a brace, again please don’t stress me out if I take too long, drawing sometimes causes me pain but I’m not about to just beg for money.


So yeah! I hope I’m doing this right, hoo boy.

Anonymous inquired: ((I honestly hope your arm gets better, and thank you for drawing the picture even though it probably hurt. Feel better soon!))

[[ Awww thank you!
I’m glad you still liked the picture! I just gotta make sure I don’t over stress u3ub ]]

February 14, 2014

ask-sirmetaknight submitted to askzerotwo:

ask-keeby submitted to askzerotwo:

I don’t know if you like chocolate or not, 02, but here you go!

Anonymous inquired: (*^◇^)_旦

(*^◇^)_旦 = What the character likes to eat and drink

I do have an answer for this one, but I hope you don’t mind me answering later. So be on the look out for that o3ob

Anonymous inquired: ⊙﹏☉

⊙﹏☉ = What flusters the character

Hmmmmmmm…. It’s kind of hard to put into words, I mean, Zero Two DOES get flustered at times, but it usually just ‘happens’ rather than having an actual thing that causes it. Does that make sense?

His dark matter are a curious bunch so it’s kinda common for him to get asked rather embarrassing questions, and he’s usually very mellow about it. I guess implied sexual innuendos towards him would probably get him very flustered /shot

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Anonymous inquired:

♪ = What music the character likes

Hmmmm, he’s not entirely fond of music, but he’s not against it either. Zero Two usually just prefers absolute silence so that he can concentrate on his thoughts and plans, but something calming and classic wouldn’t be too bad. Classical instruments such as strings and wind instruments would be the ones he’s most fond of. Loud, ‘obnoxious’ music such as heavy metal or just loud rock (not that I think those are annoying, this is from his point of view), would probably cause him to leave very quickly.

Anonymous inquired:

† = How the character feels about murder

[8:57:31 PM] *Epeskree*: he is a saint and he would never harm a fly

dreamlandtyrant inquired: ❤️

♥ = Character’s preference for relationships (sexuality, type of person, etc.)

Siiiince Zero Two doesn’t really feel love, he obviously doesn’t have a preference. I guess I could consider him aromantic/asexual obviously since he has no interest in the stuff nor can he feel any particular interest towards others.

Anonymous inquired: ☆~(ゝ。∂)= How the character greets people

Nothing really fancy or joyful, a simple “Greetings” or “Hello” is usually what he does. Sometimes he doesn’t really greet people and just gets onto the subject that he needs to talk about with said person.

Anonymous inquired: ( ⌒o⌒)人(⌒-⌒ ) = Friends the character has or would like to make

This subject is kinda difficult since Zero Two hardly considers anyone a friend. although I feel like he can be on good terms with some others. Just no guarantee ‘cos he’s a backstabber sometimes soooo.

He’s kinda distant and hardly talks so very rarely he will actually interact with someone, let alone consider them a friend.